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Mavericks, an enormous wave that breaks offshore, has gained recognition as one of the biggest surfing waves in the world. The surf competition is called 24 hours in advance, between November & March.


1.) From Highway 1, turn on to Capistrano Road.
2.) Follow Capistrano Road for roughly ¾ of a mile until you reach Prospect Way.
3.) Turn onto Prospect way and follow it the short distance to the stop sign.
4.) At the stop sign, make a soft right, onto Harvard Avenue.
5.) Follow Harvard Avenue until it runs into West Point Avenue.
6.) Make a right on West Point Avenue and follow the winding road past the wildlife Marsh to a dirt parking lot on the left-hand side of the road. This is where you want to park. Do not drive past the dirt parking lot up the hill. That is a US Air Force Base and access is not permitted.
7.) After parking your car, follow the dirt path heading south for about 10 minutes until the path ends and you reach the beach.
8.) Follow the beach to the right, and from there you should be able to see Mavericks (if its breaking!) out past the rocks.

Please note, Mavericks is in a Marine Reserve and we should do everything we can to help preserve the natural beauty of the environment. If the parking lot is full, please do not try and park your car on the side of the road. Not only is this illegal and you will most likely get a ticket, but it greatly impacts the Marine Reserve. Alternate parking areas are off Harvard Avenue or in the Princeton Harbor.