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Celebrating one Year of Eudaimonia!

Hello Flourishing Friends! 

One year ago, Eudaimonia Chiropractic was born, and what a year it has been! 

Though we still can't pop some champagne on the balcony and celebrate all together at a party, I didn't want this milestone to go by un-recognized. If you can't celebrate the wins under these circumstances when the heck can ya! 

The truth is, I am grateful beyond words. Many businesses did not survive this year, much less attempt to open in this pandemic. I am grateful that we are still operating, still serving the community, and that we still have room to grow and expand. 

I am grateful to YOU for believing in Eudaimonia Chiropractic and for supporting the vision in whatever way you do, even if it is just by reading these newsletters and rooting for our success. 

Please Celebrate with Me By...