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Coastal Repertory Theatre Presents the classic “Dracula” in Half Moon Bay

September 15, 2019 Coastal Repertory Theatre Half Moon Bay, CA
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Hamilton Dean & John L. Balderston’s Dracula
Coastal Repertory Theatre Presents the classic “Dracula” in Half Moon Bay
OPENS OCTOBER 4th, 2019, 8PM - RUNS THROUGH NOV 3rd, 2019 2PM
HALF MOON BAY​ (September 15). Gothic horror story with thrills, chills, frights and bites with some comic relief as well. ​Tony Award for Best Revival​ 1977. Early reviews have called the play, “very thrilling,” praising its “breathtaking excitements.”
Director​ Robert Pickett of Coastal Rep’s upcoming production of Dracula likes vampires. “My mother took me to the drive-in to see Dracula with Christopher Lee as Dracula. I read the novel when I was in 6t​ h​ grade and have had a fascination with vampires ever since.” Bram Stoker wrote the novel in 1897 and it has since inspired dozens of films, television productions and novels. Stoker’s book, written in a series of letters, newspaper clippings and diary entries, gives the story of sense of reality. “Vampires have always represented repressed sexual desires to me,” says Pickett. The novel was written at the end of the Victorian Age and is tinged with a clandestine sexual undertones.
Dracula​, the play by Hamilton Deane was written in 1924 and substantially revised by John L. Balderston in 1927, opened at London’s Little Theatre in July 1927 and later moved to Broadway and starred Bela Lugosi in the eponymous role. He would later become famous starring in the film in 1931. A revival opened in 1977 at the Martin Beck Theatre and starred Frank Langella (later replaced by Raul Julia) as Count Dracula and closed after 925 performances and was also later made into a film in 1979. The action of the play by Deane and Balderston is set in the 20’s, however, Pickett has moved it back to the original setting
and date of the novel, 1897 in Whitby on the coast of York. The play also deviates some from the original story by Stoker.
In this version of the Dracula tale, the mysterious illness of a young woman, Lucy Seward, drives her father to solicit help from alienist ​Abraham Van Helsing​ to find a cure. He discovers she is the victim of ​Count Dracula​, a powerful ​vampire​ who is feeding on her blood. Initially reluctant to believe him, Dr. Seward and his daughter’s fiancé, John Harker, join Van Helsing in his investigation to release Lucy from the vampire’s power. The men follow Renfield, one of Seward’s sanatorium patients and Dracula's servant, to the vampire's hiding place, where they kill him with a stake to the heart.
Period costume design by Michelle Parry, lighting by Valerie Clear, set design by Doug McCurdy and sound design by Peter Van Scherpe and Beau Brown.
Cast:​ Daniel Martin (Dracula), Jordana Wolf (Lucy), Rob Hedges (Renfield), Delaney Brummé (Harker), Louis Schilling (Van Helsing), Mark Novak (Seward), Heather Skelley (Maid), Ben Latham (Attendant)
Dates and show times for Dracula:​ Opens October 4th, 2019 at 8pm and runs through November 3rd at 2pm. Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm and Sunday matinees at 2pm. Tickets range from $17-35. All available at www.coastalrep.com
Special events:
Stanford Blood Mobile blood drive Monday, September 30 1-6PM To make an appointment:
Pay-What-You-Can Community night on Saturday, October 5th.
Extra Halloween performance on October 31st, 2 for 1 tickets and costume competition.
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