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Mudslinging Doesn't Solve Problems, It Creates More

Whether it's political campaigns or disputes between agencies, once the mud starts to fly, it only makes it harder for everyone to move forward. Stating the obvious...we know.

Regardless of how obvious the statement it is, the Coastside is currently in the middle of multiple such mudslinging events where community members are prodded and pitted against one another. The unfortunate reality of mudslinging is that it pulls focus from the real problem at hand, and more importantly, pulls energy from generating usable solutions. Not only do we lose the resources of the mudslingers, but we also lose the resources of the community who have now had to waste their energy sorting through it. When all is said and done, mud takes away from the goal. Imagine if all of that time, money, and smarts went to solving the problems instead?

So how do we stop mudslinging? It starts with YOU! You have a sphere of influence, and whether you've realized it or not, someone, somewhere has made a decision based on something you said or did. You influenced them. So when you find yourself on the verge of blasting someone or something online, in the newspaper, or to your friends and family, take a pause and contemplate...is it better for the community if I talk negatively about this for the sake of yelling out loud...or can I start a positive conversation for possible solutions?

Guess how easy it is to incite positive conversation?! THIS EASY! Negative thought: they did this thing and they are the worst ever! Positive reworking: I don't think they made the right move there, XYZ would probably work better for everyone and here is why...

Please fight the urge to throw mud. We need to work together.