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The HMB Coastside Chamber is Against Racism and Prejudice

Dear Community,

The HMB Coastside Chamber is against racism and prejudice. We are against acts of violence towards any person. We stand in solidarity with those who are disenfranchised, who are not provided equal work, equal pay, or basic freedoms due to the color of their skin. History has shown us that our society can be slow to learn lessons, but this cannot be one of those times. The lives of our citizens are precious and we understand the need for disruption to make that a clear and undoubted truth.

This is a pivotal point in history. Between the Coronavirus pandemic and the protests for justice, we all feel a responsibility to participate. We, the Chamber, are educating ourselves, taking part in very important conversations, and figuring out how to take action every day. Everyone is due more compassion and love. As a promoter and advocate for our local businesses and citizens of the Coastside, we strongly encourage and welcome diverse participation in our Chamber. Currently, our Board has 3 vacancies to fill. We strive to fill those seats with Directors that best represent the full make-up of our community. We strive to be inclusive, diverse, transparent and hope you will join us in this ongoing change. We will continue to stay engaged and do our part to make our community a pillar of light for others and we invite you do the same.

Nate Serdy, Board Chair, Jeannene Minnix Kingston, Vice Chair, Bryan Bodas, CFO, Peggy Milne, Secretary, Ginger Minoletti, Ex Officio, Board Directors Dana Dahl, David Gorsuch, Judith Guerrero, Rita Mancera, Chris Mickelsen, Dianne Passen, Brian Sheppard, Chamber Team, Krystlyn Giedt, President & CEO, and Kevin Simmons, Development Coordinator.