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Winter Workshops from Miramar Farms

Dear Friends of the Farm,

It is a chilly December morning here at the farm. Like all of you, we are doing our best to balance the terrible news we are seeing about the pandemic with the positive news we are hearing about a vaccine. We want to be optimistic about the year ahead, but we are also mourning the loss of so many and so much. There are glimmers of hope that we will begin to welcome guests to the farm next summer, but for now we will need to stay patient. It could be a long winter, and we'd like to help where we can. 

And we miss you...

As of this morning, we are launching the Miramar Farms Winter Workshop Project. Starting this month, we are offering three 75-minute virtual workshops for groups ranging from 8 to 24 people. These workshops are designed for the times and will help your team reflect, connect, learn and laugh.

Here's an overview:

Workshop 1: Secrets of a Farmhouse Biscuit Baker. Biscuits are top of the list when it comes to comfort food—and we could all use more of that right now. Join us live via Zoom from the Miramar Farms Garden Kitchen and we'll lead you and your team in a fun baking workshop where you'll make and bake your own batch of our delicious farmhouse biscuits. Fee: $500 flat fee for the first 10 participants; additional $30 per person up to 24 participants. Optional Materials Kit: Pre-workshop gift box with dry baking goods, Miramar Farms honey and summer jam shipped to each participant for $35 per person plus direct shipping costs (US only).

Workshop 2: Self Reflection/Team Connection. It would be fair to say we are all learning a lot about ourselves this year, and we are also learning about the benefits and challenges of connecting to our teammates on a virtual platform. It isn't always easy—particularly when we are struggling with isolation, overwhelm, Zoom fatigue or conflicting work styles. In this workshop we'll use DiSC's just-launched Catalyst program to understand our personal work styles and the dynamics of our team, as well as how we can better connect across a virtual platform. Check out the new DiSC Catalyst program here and let me know if we can help your team reflect and connect over DiSC this winter. Fee: $150 per person, includes personal DiSC assessment and 75-minute virtual team workshop with Certified DiSC trainer. Ideal for groups of up to 24 people.

Workshop 3: Working from Home and Self Management. Working from home has its benefits and its challenges. As someone who has worked from home for many years, I know the journey firsthand. At first it sounds pretty good, then we get a bit lonely and isolated, and now—well, aren't most of us so over this? Let’s talk about what's working about working from home—and what's not. We'll facilitate a team discussion, using breakout groups and other online tools, to help you talk about how you are doing and how you can support and learn from each other. In addition, I’ll share some time management tools that work (including the widely acclaimed Pomodoro method), provide an overview of effective wellness approaches, and talk about daily rituals to distinguish between work and home life. This might be a challenging discussion—a vulnerable discussion. But it could be one of your best opportunities to truly connect as a team this year. Flat fee: $500. Group size limited to 12 people.

Please reach out to me via email at jayne@miramarfarms.com if you are interested in scheduling a winter workshop. You can also reach me by phone at 650-288-9440. 

Take care and be well.